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Forex Auto Trading, Article of Forex Trading, Forex Signal and Forex Broker

Forex Auto Trading, Article of Forex Trading, Forex Signal and Forex Broker

ROCKETInfo: Faster than Google, Deeper than Yahoo, More Specific than a Speeding Bullet

Written by OnlineLoan on 19:08

ROCKETInfo: Faster than Google, Deeper than Yahoo, More Specific than a Speeding Bullet

By: John Hurst

All of us are hip, on-line and Internet-savvy. But we don’t know the beast.

This is the core message of Bill Ganz, the president and CEO of next-step search engine ROCKETInfo Inc. (OTC:RKTI). It is a search technology company in the spirit of Google and Yahoo!, but with a new approach to the delivery of results, news and business information.

The growth potential for ROCKETInfo is remarkable: Just the business process management (BPM) aspect of this industry, including software, services and maintenance, will grow to $6.3 billion annually by 2011, according to a report by Forrester Research, an independent technology and market research company. Analysts project a growth rate for the BPM sector of up to 35 percent annually.

ROCKETInfo does two things very well for businesses of all kinds: It is provides search engine services and is a content server that delivers targeted and relevant content such as news and financial information. The software has been designed to automate the process of defining, collecting, analyzing and delivering relevant, current news from an international pool of reputable news, media and other sources.

It is essentially publishing monolith of potentially gargantuan proportions.

Ganz’ homily: "The nexus of the era afforded a lot of ideas that were funded and what’s happening right now is that these ideas have worked. Things are now better, faster and cheaper if you understand your media and technology."

Ganz said that exploring ROCKETInfo’s services is much like waking up in a new world. Internet users who have become used to searching for information with providers like Google and Yahoo, he said, get millions of results per search, much of them segregated into paid-for categories. The problem is, most of this information is neither wanted nor needed. ROCKETInfo’s proprietary software filters the junk, the ads, the spam, and delivers only the desired content.

He added that, like Google and other popular search engines, ROCKETInfo provides an advanced Boolean search, but with a higher IQ – the search engine can be trained to discern the quality of information it gathers. Ganz said that for businesses, this means profound changes for gathering information on competitors, and especially in media monitoring.

"In today’s economy, the gold standard of currency is intelligent, dynamic and real-time information and knowledge management," Ganz said. "The truth is, people are looking for information that is relevant – for us, about us."

In one of its most popular applications, Ganz said, ROCKETInfo delivers RSS news to the desktop, and especially to the investment industry. His system parses out information where it’s wanted, from a growing database of 80,000 sources, including 16,000 publishers, plus 30,000 blogs and podcasts.

"Simply put," he stated, "we’re similar to what TiVo (which finds and digitally records select television broadcasts on demand) does for television, except we do it for the Internet."

"A ROCKETInfo search," he said, "specializes in news that is happening right now. We don’t store news like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, Ask – those other large search companies – because we believe that news happens, that decisions you make now in your business and personal life today, are your future.

"It’s the speed, immediacy and the breadth of information that we deliver to our clients. We provide this learned data to you, metaphorically, in a box with a bow on it. We deliver it to your desktop, website, e-mails or newsletters – this is synthesized, refined data."

The reason ROCKETInfo is so fast is because of how it decides to refine the information and how fast it decides to refresh it. Its web services are an integrated collection of technology layers based on the proprietary Rocket Enterprise Server platform. The technology stack is comprised of collection, storage, search, analysis and delivery layers.

"We choose to refresh so quickly and search our databases so frequently because the speed of the information matters so much in the sporting world, the investment world and the business world. Speed matters. The time latency is the liability."

Ganz describes ROCKETInfo’s search capabilities with a drilling metaphor: "Google offers a two-mile-wide search that is three inches deep. ROCKETInfo," he said, "offers a three-inch hole that goes two miles deep."

Founded in 1998, ROCKETInfo, Inc. has its headquarters in Newport Beach, Calif., with research and development operations in Vancouver and Toronto and professional services in Ottawa. It claims over 95,000 registered users and RSS Reader / desktop downloads and more than seven million monthly searches. It has a staff of 17, plus many consultants and contractors.

Currently trading at 24 cents, ROCKETInfo has reported a market cap of $12.46 million, which demonstrates incredible upside potential for the ground floor investor. ROCKETInfo has 41.21 million shares outstanding.

This article is intended for information purposes only, and is not a recommendation to buy or sell the equities of any company mentioned herein. It is based on sources believed to be reliable, but no warranty as to accuracy is expressed or implied. The opinions expressed in the article are those of the author except where statements are attributed to individuals other than the author, in which case the opinions are those of the individual to whom they are attributed.

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