Forex Auto Trading, Article of Forex Trading, Forex Signal and Forex Broker

Forex Auto Trading, Article of Forex Trading, Forex Signal and Forex Broker

Beginner Forex Trading - Starting right

Written by OnlineLoan on 05:45

Beginner Forex Trading - Starting right

By: Harold Hsu

Many beginner Forex traders are lured by promises of overnight wealth and instant riches. They get excited over the prospect of making $300 in an hour, and can’t wait to get started. Unfortunately, this is the type of attitude that gets most people into trouble.

Now don’t get me wrong… Forex trading CAN be a very lucrative activity (or hobby, even), provided that you know what you’re doing. Most people however, start off on the wrong foot and inevitably wipe out their entire trading accounts.

The Secret of profitable Forex trading is not about making money

This is perhaps one of the hardest concepts to grasp. It’s easy to explain, but hard to implement in reality.

You see, the ultimate goal of all retail Forex traders is to make money in the currency market, right? However, the best way to become a profitable trader is NOT to focus on making money.

Confused? Allow me to explain a little more…

The Best Way To Make Money Is To Avoid Losing Money

This is the simplest way to put it: Before you can become a profitable Forex trader, you’ll first need to be proficient at avoiding (or reducing) your losses when trading.

The currency market is so volatile that losses are inevitable. Every trader WILL encounter numerous losses throughout his or her trading career. The question is whether these traders are able to survive from these losses to trade another day.

So many people rush to make the most amount of money in the shortest period of time that they throw all caution into the wind. They don’t pay attention to any money management strategies and dive head-first into the market.

Eventually, these are the traders who wonder what went wrong when their trading accounts show a big, fat ‘Zero’. Don’t be like these traders.

Learning The Right Things

It is my sincere advice for you to take the time to fully understand all the risks you’re taking as a retail trader. Understand how leverage works, and how it affects your ability to take losses. How much can you afford to lose before you’re knocked out of the market?

These are just some of the crucial aspects of Forex trading that you should pay strict attention to.

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Best Forex Trading Platform - 2 Features you must have

Written by OnlineLoan on 05:44

Best Forex Trading Platform - 2 Features you must have

By: Harold Hsu

All beginner Forex traders will at some point start looking at the various trading platforms available to them. Which one should you choose? With so many alternatives available on the net, it’s no wonder that so many people are at a loss at which platform to adopt.

Of course, you should know by now that there actually isn’t a "best" trading platform per se, but rather the best one that suits your needs. However, there are a few features that you certainly must have to help you become a profitable trader. In this article, I will briefly discuss two of these features.

Feature #1 - Updated Price Feeds

This is an obvious feature to consider. The trading platform you’re using should have tick-by-tick price feeds. As retail traders, we are constantly in need for the latest, most updated market prices. This is opposed to currency investors, who simply buy or sell currencies over the long term. Retail traders typically scalp, or participate in intra-day trades where even the smallest price movements are required to be shown in the trading platform.

Be careful about the claims of the marketers who sell or rent trading platforms. Many of them usually tell you that they provide tick-by-tick price feeds, but more often than not, they are unfortunately an exaggeration. Do your homework in finding out the best type of trading platform for you. Do a Google search to find independent user reviews of the various platforms you’re thinking of trying out. And of course, always demo trade with the platform first to see how fast the actual price feeds are.

Feature #2 - User Comfort

This is one of the most important trading platform features that is usually overlooked by many traders. You must be comfortable with using the platform of your choice. When I first started trading, I was using a user-unfriendly charting software that gave me a constant headache. The charting controls were not intuitive, and I always had trouble setting up my technical indicators.

Needless to say, my trading performance reflected my discomfort when trading. It was only after I switched trading platforms that I finally realized how important my comfort is to my trading mentality.

Trading is a tough job, so don’t make it even tougher by choosing to trade with an inferior trading platform. Choose one that you’re mentally comfortable with, and you’ll have a much easier time chasing after those pips!

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Best Forex trading education - Learning the right stuff

Written by OnlineLoan on 05:43

Best Forex trading education - Learning the right stuff

By: Harold Hsu

It is the aim of all retail Forex traders to make money from the market. We read books, take courses and search the web for all kinds of Forex-related information to best educate us on how to trade profitably.

Unfortunately, most of the time retail traders are looking to learn about the wrong kinds of things. We spend our time looking for the "best and latest" techniques and systems with the hope of making money once we adopt them.

The truth, however, is that there are other more important aspects of Forex trading that we should all be paying attention to… and these are the aspects that separate a consistently winning trader from a consistently losing one.

Forex Education Topic #1 - Understanding Leverage

One of the biggest attractions of Forex trading is leverage. We are all aware that in the Forex market, we can trade with a large amount of currency using only a fraction of our own money.

What most retail traders don’t realize, however, is that leverage actually plays a major role in how they should manage their money (and risk).

Simply put: the more leverage one trades with, the smaller the stop-loss allowance would be available to them. If you don’t know why this is so, I highly recommend that you study the impact of trading with leverage more carefully and how it affects your money management system… too many beginner traders have wiped out their accounts because they didn’t truly understand the risks involved here.

Forex Education Topic #2 – Understanding Yourself

Among all the aspects of profitable Forex trading, this is arguably the most difficult to master. You can have the "best" trading system in the world; but if you find it hard to trade according to its rules, then it’s still useless.

Understanding your own risk appetite is a crucial component of deciding which trading system you should adopt. If you’re an aggressive trader, find a trading system that reflects your style. And vice versa if you’re a conservative trader.

An old trader once told me, "The market is the perfect place to discover your true flaws". And now, I finally realize what he meant. My flaws of greed, fear and discipline have all been exposed to the market… and it’s through the conquering of these flaws that you can emerge as a profitable trader.

Don’t trade if you’re not prepared to have your vulnerabilities exposed by the market.

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Excellent Forex Trading Systems - Do They Exist?

Written by OnlineLoan on 01:40

Excellent Forex Trading Systems - Do They Exist?

By: Harold Hsu

No other financial market is as exciting or as fast-paced as the foreign exchange market. The high volatility promises literally instant wealth if you manage to play your cards right. This inevitably draws new traders every day who wish to try their hand at speculative currency trading… The adrenaline rush of watching a wining trade unfold before one’s eyes is simply irresistible.

And in this quest of seeking out maximum profits, many investors often try to find the ‘best trading system’ to trade with. After a while however, these investors start to realize that they have underestimated the speed and complexity of the market price action. Perhaps they were not profitable with their demo trading account, or maybe they lost an embarrassing chunk of money during live trading. Either way, they start wondering whether they’re doing the right thing by always looking out for a ‘better system’ to trade with.

They start to ask, "Should I keep looking for a better trading system, or do I just need a better understanding of the Forex market?"

In truth, they may be surprised to find out that the answer is: "Both."

Allow me to briefly explain…

You see, these two paths are actually interlinked. The more you understand about the Forex market, the better your chances of choosing a trading system that suits you. In other words, the less you understand about currency trading, the higher your chance of choosing the wrong trading system to follow.

There is no single, ‘ultimate’ trading system for everyone. However, don’t despair! There is definitely an excellent trading system that is catered especially for YOU.

It’s not the system that defines how well a trader performs… Rather, it’s the other way around! It’s actually the trader who defines the type of system he/she uses! How well a trader performs is actually a reflection of the appropriateness of his choice of trading system.

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Forex Online Trading: Gain Profits with the Right Forex Trading Systems

Written by OnlineLoan on 01:40

Forex Online Trading: Gain Profits with the Right Forex Trading Systems

By: Vikram Kuamr

Forex trading is all about currencies exchange from one person to another with a certain price. When investing in Forex, the game is about gaining profit through selling of currencies at higher price and buying currency at a lower price thus earning profit. So far, there are many investors involved in Forex trading as Forex has one of the biggest financial markets worldwide. With the availability of the internet, Forex has gained so much popularity as it provides accessibility to many investors in the convenience of time and place. Most investors planning to be involved in Forex trading is more involved in Forex Online trading.

One of the advantages of Forex trading is that you can access to it anytime and anywhere. This is made possible through Forex Online trading. As long as you have a laptop and have internet connection, you can do Forex online trading. This can be very beneficial especially that Forex trading does not have a day’s closure. You can access to the market at 24 hours a day – no pause, no offs.

When doing Forex online trading, you can trade foreign currencies in the convenience of time and place. But what you need most is a system that would help you strategize on prices to maximize profit. This way, you would need a Forex Trading system to guide you on the trade. This will also help you in developing strategies and making steps for you to be profitable in the Forex online trading. Without these strategies you will continue to see yourself fail in Forex online Trading.

There are many sites that offer Forex Trading systems. They usually provide valuable tools to be profitable in Forex trading. Supposed to be, the system will guide you for profitability in Forex trading, but most of the time, it doesn’t guarantee an overtime profit. There is a lot of decision making on your part to get the right results in Forex trading. As the common adage says, "Try and try until you succeed." This is even true in using any Forex Trading Systems.

Forex Trading Systems have entry set-ups and indicators for pricing which you can accept or offer to get profit. There are no limits in the systems that you can use for profitability. As much as possible, you need to have basically as many Forex Trading Systems so that you can take advantage of the tools offered in every Forex Trading Systems available. The strategies and tools are generally available to help you make the right decision or make necessary entries and exits. So all combined strategies may help you make the right decisions. This is even true especially if you are a beginner in Forex trading. However, there is no guarantee of immediate results. Being profitable in Forex online trading takes the right Forex Trading systems, perseverance, mastery of the right strategies, and constant work.

You can start getting the system of Smart Forex Live for your Forex Trading systems. They offer a lot of Forex Trading products. The latest of which is the Forex killer, a Forex Trading system that provides tools for beginners to make it to the world of Forex traders. There are many more Foreign Trading systems but you can try this out first. All you need to do is make the right entries and analysis to get the right price.

Making use of Forex trading systems can greatly enhance your Forex online tradingmethods.

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Forex Trader Trading - 1 Secret of profitable Forex trading

Written by OnlineLoan on 01:39

Forex Trader Trading - 1 Secret of profitable Forex trading

By: Harold Hsu

It’s no coincidence that more than 90% of retail Forex traders lose money in trading. If you’ve done a little research, you’ll realize why this is the case. As a retail trader, the currency market is heavily geared to make you lose money.

And one of the main reasons why it’s so easy to lose money is because of the proliferation of bad trading advice. There are volumes upon volumes of misleading ‘tips’ and ‘strategies’ splattered all over the internet, none of which are actually useful information at all. They are typically dispensed by people who are not actual traders, or traders who aren’t really profitable in practice. Unfortunately, Many novice traders try to implement the ‘strategies’ given by these people, and ultimately wipe out their trading accounts.

But of course, there are indeed some useful tips and techniques that can be found online… you’ll just have to be able to figure out which ones they are!

Just kidding… I’m going to share one of them with you today.

Understanding the risks of trading

So many people get obsessed with the idea of making money that they often forget to pay attention to how NOT to lose money in Forex trading. They jump into the market without first figuring out the inherent dangers, or how to avoid them.

The risks you face as a retail trader are 3-fold: market risk (other traders), counter-party risk (your broker), and self-risk (your psychology).

While many retail traders are well-acquainted with market risk and self-risk, they often neglect counter-party risk. While it is beyond the scope of this article to examine this issue in detail, it’s important that you, as a retail trader understand the driving motivations of your broker.

What makes your broker money? Do they make money when you profit? Most of the time, the answer is no. In fact, most brokers make more money when you trade more. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; the more you trade, they more money they make (since they get their income from spreads).

Can you see how they don’t actually have an incentive to help you make money? Instead, it would serve their purpose better if they could make you place MORE trades!

So don’t fall into their trap. Make fewer trades with higher winning probabilities. It’ll serve you better in the long run.

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Harold Hsu is the owner of where he provides premium Forex trading tips and resources.

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Getting the Right Forex Trading Broker

Written by OnlineLoan on 17:58

Getting the Right Forex Trading Broker

By: Jane Macrae

For investors in the forex market, to have a forex trading broker is not a must but can be of enormous help if you get the right one. The reality is that there are so many brokers out there that you may feel overwhelmed to make a smart choice. With this article, I am about to give you some tips to help you go about.

* Does The Broker Offers a Free Demo Account?

Many online forex brokers now offer free demo accounts to their new customers. You should not only take advantage of them but also make the most out of them.

Not only are demo accounts a great introduction for those new to forex trading, it will also let you take a look at the trading platform used by that broker. You want an interface that is easy to learn and understand, and that you will be comfortable to use.

* Always Ask For References

A good broker will not mind giving you references. You need to be able to talk to other people who have used his services, and find out whether or not they are happy with their experiences.

If a broker is unwilling to give you references, he probably is not your choice.

* Examine the Minimum Deposit Requirement to Open an Account

Almost all forex brokers ask for a minimum amount deposit when you open an account with them.

If the amount of minimum deposit asked by one broker is higher than what you are comfortable with, simply search for one that requires a lower minimum. There are options out there for every investor, no matter how much or how little they have to invest.

* Check the Broker's Credentials

Despite that there is no centralised, governing body to regulate the whole forex market over the world, the business practices of each forex broker is regulated by institutions in the countries where they are located.

For example, a broker located in the US should be registered as a Futures Commission Merchant (or FCM) with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (or CFTC). They should also be registered with the National Futures Association (or NFA).

* Check Out the Service Charge

You should be aware that cheaper is not always better.

Compared to their competition, some brokers may charge less for their services. However, they may try to make up for the difference with hidden fees that you may not even be aware you are being charged.

Before you formally establish business with a broker, ask about possible hidden fees, read the fine print, and learn as much about them as you can.

It can be an inevitable (and sometimes painful) experience for most forex players to find a right forex trading broker. With the tips given in this article, you should at least know what to look at. Remember, though, you can still make mistakes but don't get frustrated. Sometimes, we just grow out of try and error.

In case you are searching for a forex trading broker, make sure you visit us to find out more. While you are at our site, you can also take some free online forex course just to warm up. So, take your time!

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Stock Market Investment Strategy

Written by OnlineLoan on 17:30

Stock Market Investment Strategy

By: Linda Stetson

Strategic Moves on Stock Market Investment
Stock market investment is a risky stance, but it should not stop any aspiring investor from taking the first step. The choice to make the stock market endeavor succeed lies upon the investor.
1. Knowledge
A wise investor would only delve into stock market investment upon being apprised with the necessary and crucial information. It is a must to invest on companies only upon learning everything about it, from its past records, current performance and future plans.
Stock market investment advice should be sought considering the difficulty of locating that right stock that will give big returns. The investor must fully know the fundamental value of the stock he or she will buy.
Invest in a company which belongs to a familiar industry. The stock market investor must have a good understanding of the business in order to realize more the value of the stocks. This will also make the investor less dependent to analysts and advisers.

The sources of information to rely upon must be carefully chosen too. Tips offered in the market should be avoided as much as possible. These are usually given by people with vested interests.
2. Long-term goal
An important consideration in stock market investment is setting a long-term goal. The long-term goal would determine the approaches to be taken and influence the decisions to be made.
The adherence to that goal would ensure regularity in instances of indecision when the stock market gyration comes to play. It would avoid whimsical decisions adversely disturbing the finances. A long-term goal could result to a more stable financial future through steady purchases investments. The key word here is consistency.
3. Calculated Risks
There are risks in any business endeavors. However, this must be calculated to minimize the probability of loss and to increase the expectation of profits. Speculating is not an option.

Never gamble and risk losing big money in the stock market. Investments should not rake in huge losses. It is easy to buy stocks, but money lost would be difficult to gain back. One cannot afford costly mistakes.
The established system in realizing the long-term goal must be strictly followed then. This will reduce the probability of putting too much money just to incur big losses.
5. Discipline
To make the most of the stock market investment, the investor himself must possess the proper determination and discipline to continually persevere in realizing the long-term goals set.
Stock market investment today requires passion and courage to come out as a winner. The stock market gives the opportunities; all that is required of the investor is being prudent.

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Stock Market Secret

Written by OnlineLoan on 19:02

Stock Market Secret

By: Chris Jones

Want to know a trading secret that can make you rich? This secret has been used for a long time by some of the top traders. You might wonder why these traders would be so secretive, and not share their great knowledge with all of us. Well, to be honest, they have shared it with us. Many times they spoke about, and wrote about this trading rule.

W. D. Gann said "You can make a fortune by following this one rule alone."

Burton Pugh called it "one of the most valuable of market habits and the trader should follow and profit by this most dependable of all market laws."

So, why doesn't everybody listen to these great sages of Wall Street? To tell you the truth I don't know, it could be because this trading rule is so simple that it gets overlooked. I find that people often think that if something is this simple it couldn't possibly work. Well, I have some advice for them. Don't over complicate things, "KISS" (Keep It Simple Silly).

So, do you want to know what this great Stock Market secret is? It's the 50 of the previous price movement. This rule works in both upward trending and downward trending markets.

Let's imagine that ABC stock started its most recent run at $10 and moved up to $20 before it began to pull back. A buy order would be put at $15 (50 retracement. Some of you will recognize these as Fibonacci Retracement Lines, and you would be correct. Traders used the 50 mark. No, sometimes price might not make it all the way to the 50 and 62 rule will not apply.

Most charting services have a Fibonacci Retracement Tool that draws the 38, and 62 rule in mind. Check for it on historical charts. You will be amazed how often it occurs and how well it works.

Chris F Jones is owner of A site dedicated to the education of stock and option traders.

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Forex and its strategies

Written by OnlineLoan on 19:02

Forex and its strategies

By: Marco Nn

Forex or FX, no matter how you may call it, it all refers to foreign exchange. Forex basically deals with buying and selling of currencies, or in other words currency trading that is made available at the ongoing price in market. It involves investing money in the foreign currencies and earning profit by selling them at the higher price. That is to say, that you are extending the one you are holding, only to buy the other one for a lower price.

Forex trading market can also be termed as the largest financial market of the world and thereby also makes available the most lucrative options as well. Also, with technological advancements, forex trading signals can be accessed online. It is the introduction of these forex signals that have increased its popularity considerably, as it is readily accessible at the comfort of the home of various investors. There are various companies that provide forex trading signals over the Internet. For this, a person first has to sign himself up with the website of that company and submit a yearly or monthly fee as these services are made available on paid basis only. Most websites that offer a trading platform makes available the forex signal trading system. This involves sending of newsletters about the daily market trends by a professional broker, trader or a market analyst to its members. These are very helpful as the basic purpose of every trader is to provide profitable deals in forex by utilizing all the information that is made available to him. There are different prices that are charged for these forex signals services and the services are also made available accordingly. While some of them will send the email, others will keep you updated by its forex alerts via cell phones. Live charts are another feature that is made available in some higher subscription services. Generally the minimum amount of subscription is a minimum of $100.

Though forex is a highly lucrative market, still it has equal risk involved, so it is important to have forex strategy system to ensure that you are not losing more than earning. Optimization of risk in accordance to your reward is important to make sure that you into successful trading. Every forex trading strategy must follow a disciplined approach along with taking risks. That is to say, limiting the risk, while making the best and the most constructive market moves possible is essential to become a successful trader.

Another technical analysis or forex trading strategy is the one that involves deriving "resistance" and "support" levels. The base for this is that forex market will generally trade below its level of resistance and also above its levels of support. In case the resistance or support level is wrecked, the market is also anticipated to follow the same direction at that time. These levels can be decided by assessing the resistance in previous years, unbroken support in the market and by analyzing its chart. Hence, to become a successful trader it is better to follow forex strategy system.

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The Importance of Forex Signals to Traders

Written by OnlineLoan on 19:00

The Importance of Forex Signals to Traders

By: Vikram Kumar

There are a lot of things that you have to know about when you enter the industry of forex trading. One of these is forex signals, which is also called trade signals or forex exchange signals. When you are able to comprehend what these signals are all about, it will be easy for you to comprehend other forex details. Generally, trade signals are feeds of information which come from various trading sources. In the late 19th century towards the 60’s, these signals have been usually communicated by way of ticker gadgets which utilize a telegraph. This method is followed by the radio and telephone. Most of the sent data is comprised of price quotes for currencies or stocks for a given time period. The data is limited because of the limitations of their technology.

As technology keeps on advancing, computer networks have been incorporated with the tickers. With this development, there have been different types of data available for forex traders to study, analyze, and use. However, only the traders with enough capital have been able to gain access to these computer networks. But for the past years, small capital traders have been able to access information on trade signals. This is due to the lessened prices and greater accessibility of computer networks. This is paired with the high level of Internet technology for several years now. If you want to obtain forex signals from the most reputable companies, you can look them up through the directory of forex Listing.

Forex Listing is a one-stop website where you can find links to numerous providers and companies. These providers and companies can supply you with various information regarding matters within the forex market, with the inclusion of forex signals. When you avail of the services of a specific organization, you will be supplied with a trading system or model. Either of these is able to indicate the direction of the market trend. On the other hand, you will be provided with constant updates, live price quotes, and free or charged chart analysis. There are some companies which offer intra-day 24 –hour trend charts to its clients. These charts will be given for four primary currency pairs, such as the pairing of the Euro and the dollar. You can receive forex signals through your mobile phone or your pager. This is very convenient if you have other things to do besides wait for possible buy and sell signals.

Forex Listing has links to companies which offer more than forex signals. When you look up its directory, you will be able to search for central banks. These banks belong to categories like international economic organizations, major central banks, reserve banks within the United States, and world central banks. If you want to look for forex brokers, you can widen your search globally. Or else, you can limit it within your country or your continent. also provides analysis forecasts and charts. You can even find currency conversion tables and calculators from different providers. What is more, you will be able to avail of education or training if you want to know more about forex trading.

Forex Listing has links to companies which offer more than forex signals. There are a lot of things that you have to know about when you enter the industry of Forex trading .

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Forex News Trading

Written by OnlineLoan on 17:14

Forex News Trading

By: Daniel Spivey

Forex news trading is a technique of trading by purely depending on the news and figures released daily. It does not involve any technical expertise. There are a plethora of news sources. From TV channels, to internet bulletins, Forex news trading has conquered it all. There are several currencies that are involved in Forex trading. Some major currencies are the USD, GBP, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro and the Swiss Franc. Currency pair trading is possible 24 hrs a day and the typical Forex news trader will watch out for news regarding these currencies. A good trader will immediately jump at the market, if there be any fall in the rates of buying.

There is a very important concept to be understood here. The news that you see, is seen by a million others, around the world. They all see the same news. They all trade in the same arena. They all have their perspectives on what they think will be the market’s behavior, based on the same news that you are seeing. It is important to not blindly believe what is shown in the news. Just because CNN says so, does not mean it is true. That is only for the millions of Will Rogers around the world.

Forex figures and rates keep changing every second and all the trading that is done, based on these momentary stats, cannot be successful. The key to successful news trading is making optimum use of these momentary fluctuations. The golden rule to this kind of trading is to track only a certain currency pair and not all the currency pairs in the market. Overloading yourself with information can be highly detrimental to trading. Keep yourself focused on a particular purchase, and keep yourself abreast with the latest up-to-the-minute facts and figures of the pair. This news can be tracked online at the Reuters website. Restrict yourself from overtrading, especially when you are not so high on capital investment. The market’s stability can be undone in a matter of seconds so it is important to pounce on any possible momentary profits that you come across. If you act properly, you can earn a lot through news trading.

One downside to Forex news trading is that if an influential investor has already had prior access to the news regarding the momentary fluctuations and if he has already capitalized on it, then the market might adjust itself to the news a tad too early and this will leave the other investors no time to act, thus leading to severe loss, often forcing them out of the market. So effectively, the market adjusts itself to the news that you see, in a matter of seconds. This is the reason why the news trading market is a very volatile one. It is very risky and should not be ventured into, unless you are strong on capital. My verdict: If you do not have that extra Dollar to lose, don’t try Forex News Trading. Play safe.

Try using our latest Forex news site to be up to date with the currency market. Consult our interest rate table to find out more about the fundamental value of currencies.

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Mechanical Forex Trading Systems - A FREE One That's Made Massive Profits!

Written by OnlineLoan on 17:13

Mechanical Forex Trading Systems - A FREE One That's Made Massive Profits!

By: Kelly Price

Of course, you can buy one of the numerous mechanical trading systems advertised by vendors (all with simulated track records) or you can use this one - that's FREE and made users millions. How it works is outlined in this article and it's a great way to make forex profits.

This system is simple so simple in fact that you will have no problem understanding how and why it works - don't confuse the fact that it's simple with its profit making ability. Some of the world's top traders have used it and made a killing.

The system was developed back in the seventies, to trade commodity markets by a trading legend - Richard Donchian, who is considered the father of modern trend following.

It was originally devised to take advantage of the four week cycle in commodity markets that also exists in currency markets.

It's called the four week rule and here is the rule:

Liquidate short positions and open long position when a price exceeds the highs of the previous 4 calendar weeks. Liquidate long positions and open short position when a price falls below the lows of the previous 4 calendar weeks.

How simple is that?

VERY - but back test it and you will see it works well on trending markets and currencies trend well. Its problem emerges when markets don't trend, so add this filter:

Eenter positions on the 4 week rule and exit the position on a shorter time frame. Time frames that are frequently used are 1 or 2 weeks. You then simply re enter on the 4 week rule.

That's it!

It works try it - but most forex traders won't use it - Why?

Because it's to Simple

Traders dismiss it straight away - but trading legends such as Richard Dennis have used it so you should consider it - if it's good enough for one of the greatest traders of all time - then its good enough for you.

It's not trendy

Today we have neural networks, Fibonacci systems, artificial intelligence and there more trendy and buzzy than this simple system. Traders like to think they can beat the markets, with trendy systems - but they can't.

It's Not Fussy about Market Timing

True - it doesn't buy market tops or bottoms and most traders are obsessed with prediction and of course prediction doesn't work - it's another word for hoping or guessing. This forex mechanical trading system works on the reality of price change and trades the truth - most traders hate doing this, despite the fact it's the only way to make money.

It's Takes Discipline to Follow

Most traders lack discipline and when a forex trading system is so mechanical and so un fussy about timing they can't do it and throw in the towel.

This mechanical forex trading system works and is based on breakout methodology which is a proven way to make money - if you use it, you will find that you have a free system that will beat 99% of the junk systems sold on the net, with worthless simulated back tested track records.

If you use this forex mechanical trading system you will get a head start on your way to long term profits.

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