Forex Auto Trading, Article of Forex Trading, Forex Signal and Forex Broker

Forex Auto Trading, Article of Forex Trading, Forex Signal and Forex Broker

The Top 7 Things to Avoid with your Forex trading system

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The Top 7 Things to Avoid with your Forex trading system

By: Mark Soberman

You should already know what features you want to have in your Forex trading system. At the same time, there are some things that you are better off without, and here is my short list of seven such items.

1. The first thing that you do not want is a system that is hard to understand. If you do not understand your system, then it will be hard for you to have confidence in what it is telling you, and also difficult for you to adjust it if circumstances change. Many beginners make the mistake of over complicating their systems, but experienced traders will tell you to keep it simple.

2. It is also very difficult if you adopt a system where you are not able to give and receive feedback from the designers and sellers of the system. If you have been sold a system, and now have the feeling that you are on your own, then the system may not work for you. You should avoid dealing with anyone who does not give ongoing training and support.

3. You should avoid any system that does not have an active forum between the users. The advice you can get on such a forum is invaluable in making sure that you use the system to its fullest, and can share and find answers to your problems.

4. You must avoid trying to use a system where you have not done or seen adequate back testing. You'll find that as soon as the going gets tough, and a trade or two do not work out, fear will set in and you will be tempted to abandon the system or modify it spontaneously. You need to have confidence that if you follow your system you will make money.

5. Another way to become vulnerable to the effects of fear is to risk too much money on any individual trade. Avoid "betting the farm" on any trade, regardless of how safe and secure it seems the outcome will be. The market will always suit itself, and if you trade with a large amount of your working capital, you may find that your trading career comes to a premature halt.

6. When you have a system in place, you must avoid deviating from it and trying to "second guess" it. In particular, if the trade goes against you, you must have no hesitation in closing it out at your stop loss point.

7. While on the topic of money management, you should avoid entering any trade until you have a clear idea of the risk/reward, and a value for the exit should the trade run the wrong way. When you see the market turn against you, then is not the time to start figuring out how much you can lose.

In summary, your trading system should be clear defined, allowing no subjective decisions, it should be simple to understand and adaptable to your requirements.

Mark Soberman of NetPicks LLC has been trading for over 20 yrs and offers free educational resources, live forex and futures signal services, as well as a new product focused on trading the forex market.FX Live!

Mark Soberman of NetPicks LLC has been trading for over 20 yrs and offers free educational resources, live forex and futures signal services, as well as a new product focused on trading the forex market.FX Live!

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Forex Trading For Novices - 10 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Forex Trading For Novices - 10 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid

By: Kelly Price

Here we will give you 10 common mistakes novice traders make. If you make any of them you will lose. Let's take a look at them...

These mistakes are in no particular order of importance, there all important and you must avoid them if you want to enjoy success.

1. Using a Forex Robot

Anyone who believes they can buy an income for life and make no effort, for a couple of hundred dollars, probably deserves to lose. These get rich quick trading systems all lose.

2. Forex day trading or scalping methods

All short term volatility in daily time frames is random, so you can't get the odds on your side when trading and if you can't trade the odds you will lose and that's a fact.

3. Believing markets can be predicted

Markets cannot be predicted and that's obvious! If there was a theory that could predict prices in advance, we would all know the price ahead of time and there would be no market. To win, you need to trade the reality of price change and don't predict.

4. Thinking hard work will bring success

It's not a nine to five job and you don't get rewarded for effort, just being right. This means you are judged on the accuracy of your trading signals and that's it. They can take 10 hours or 10 minutes, results are all that count. Work smart, not hard.

5. Thinking being clever is an advantage

Forex trading is simple and simple systems work best. If you try and be clever and complicate your trading system, you will lose.

6. Thinking you wont get a long period of drawdown

Most traders think losses happen to other traders and not them but all traders even the best. You will have to ride out long periods of losses, keep them small and trade with discipline, until you hit a home run. Most traders can't do this and if you can't trade a system with discipline, you don't have one!

7. Thinking you can trade breaking news stories

Markets move to how investors perceive the news, not the news itself. This is why markets collapse when the news is most bullish and rally when it's most bearish. Trading breaking news is a mugs game, don't try it.

8. Not understanding standard Deviation of Price

Don't know what it is? You should, because if you don't, you will not understand how volatility affects price and end up losing.

9. Thinking risk reward is target - stop

Many traders think they are trading with high reward and low risk, as they calculate profit potential, as their target minus their stop. They don't stop to think, that this is just an opinion and doesn't take into account the probability f the outcome.

10. Not knowing what a trading edge is

To win you must have an edge, know what it is and have the confidence to apply it with discipline. Your trading edge is the reason you are going to win, when 95% of traders lose. Don't know what your edge is? You don't have one, so continue your Forex education until you do.

How to Win at Forex

To win at Forex you need a simple trading system, you understand, have confidence in that you can trade with discipline. Your system should trade the odds and not predict, be based on trend following and implemented with robust money management.

TO win at Forex is a combination of both method and the correct mindset to apply it and always remember the market doesn't beat the trader the trader beats himself. You can enjoy currency trading success if you want to and hopefully, this article has pointed you in the direction of becoming a successful trader.


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Forex Trading System - Let Your Trading System Spell Your Business Success

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Forex Trading System - Let Your Trading System Spell Your Business Success

By: Pete Miguel

The field of forex can be real demanding and ultimately competitive, which is why you need to adapt a forex trading system to help you survive in this business. Most people craft their own system while some utilize existing methods and change it according to their own need.

Aside from beating the demands of the business, having a forex trading system also allows you to effectively keep yourself updated with recent changes. It ensures that you stay on top or even ahead of the game. Having a forex trading system also allows you more stability because you can easily manage risks and tap opportunities that you can use to broaden your profits. But before you can achieve a real successful system in the forex world, here are the important factors you need to consider.

1. Current Standing - Your forex trading system should have a healthy balance between risks and guaranteed opportunities. You cannot have too many risks but you are not always going to find guaranteed opportunities, so it's good to have and manage to scout a piece of both. To do this, your forex trading system should mesh well with your current business standing. It should not be too bold for what you are capable of now or too undermining of your actual ability to play in the forex market.

2. Actual Knowledge - The length of your forex trading system's flexibility and genius will depend on how well you actually know your market. The more experienced you are, the more flexible your system will be because you have always known how to adapt amidst changes in the business climate. No matter how great your system is, what would always matter more is how well you can navigate through the market and find a way to make your system work to your advantage.

3. Forex Partners - Through the course of currency trading, you will acquire reliable partners who may even be the ones to initiate a trade if they need one. You should definitely take care of these people and learn to profile them in the process. By profiling, this simply means that you need to familiarize yourself with how they trade their currencies so you can predict how new changes in the market may affect how they interact with you. The expanse of your forex trading system may also depend on how many partners you have. The more you have, the more elaborate your trading system might need to be. Also, you can eventually create an interconnected system which works across your forex partners.

4. Capital Investment - A forex trading system may not simply be a list of methods you can use to guide you throughout the market. At times, it may ask you to get upgraded tools to help you through the forex business. It is good to have a clear grasp of just how much you can allow yourself to shell off to update your forex business so you can lay the grounds for a more efficient forex trading system.

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